luxury trip to egypt

What are the most popular dishes in Egypt?

The most popular dishes in Egypt offer a fascinating blend of flavors and traditions that reflect the country’s rich culinary history. One of the characteristic dishes is „kushari,” a mixture of pasta, rice, lentils, and chickpeas, typically served with a spicy tomato-based sauce made with vinegar and garlic. Another popular dish is „falafel” – fried balls made from chickpeas or fava beans, served with pita bread, salads, and tahini sauce.

What sets apart a luxury trip to Egypt?

A luxury trip to Egypt is an extraordinary experience that stands out for its cultural richness, history, and comfort for travelers. It’s not just an ordinary journey but a true odyssey filled with luxury and beauty. The journey begins right at the airport, where travelers are greeted by their private guide. This is just the beginning of the personalized approach that accompanies them throughout the trip. Five-star luxury hotels provide not only luxurious rooms with stunning views but also access to private beaches and pools. However, it’s not just the exceptional accommodation that defines this journey. In general, a luxury trip to Egypt offers exclusive access to the country’s most important attractions in a unique way. Private visits to ancient sites such as the Pyramids in Giza or the Karnak Temple in Luxor allow travelers to enjoy these places in an intimate atmosphere, with full explanations from the guide.

What can be the costs of a luxury trip to Egypt?

The costs of a luxury trip to Egypt can vary and depend on many factors. Such a journey may include high-quality accommodation, private guided tours, exclusive attractions, and gourmet meals. The first factor affecting costs is the choice of hotel. Luxury resorts offering full comfort, private beaches, spas, and other amenities can be costly. Next, you should consider transportation, including international flights and possibly private transportation on-site.

Exclusive trips to attractions, such as private tours of the pyramids or a luxury cruise on the Nile on a luxurious boat, will also affect the budget. It’s also essential to factor in the costs of guides who possess specialized knowledge of local history and culture.